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Starboard Wealth Management

Registered Investment Advisor

Starboard Wealth Management is a fee-only RIA located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts serving clients from across the country. We manage portfolios to maximize the after-tax return of every account. 

The owner of Starboard Wealth Management is Justin Hudock.  Justin started working on Wall Street right out of school and has successfully applied his knowledge of markets and 20+ years of experience to increasing client returns.   


Our Process

+ Personalized On-Boarding

+ Detailed and Transparent Account Management

+ Continuous Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing

= Long-term Wealth Creation

After a detailed financial profile of the client, we will tailor a bespoke financial solution to fulfill long-term goals.  We use fundamental analysis to spot potential investments; and technical and sentiment analysis for entry points and the re-balancing of positions. Our holding periods are long-term and ideally at least five years.  Our main asset custodian is Charles Schwab.

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Our Fees

0.60% per year for the first $1 million

0.50% per year for the next $3 million

0.40% per year for amounts over $4 million

*No fee for cash/money market balances up to $50k

Our Fees are based on assets under management, billed quarterly, and prorated for large deposits and withdrawals.  Fees can be negotiated in special circumstances.  Minimum starting assets of $200k.


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We offer a complimentary "Get acquainted" meeting to find out more about your goals and to see if Starboard Wealth Management is a good fit for you.


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